[NTG-context] Fwd: color conversion causes error with MPgraphic

rvhassel reneh at win.tue.nl
Tue Jan 10 10:33:10 CET 2012

Hello schoolboard and keyboard members,

such a thing like the microsoft table
I had always in mind, but than a little bit smaller. I did not know
that they exist. It looks me nice that you can stay or sit before a public,
with your face to the public, and that you can write with your fingers, 
that is projected at a great screen behind you.
I have done such a thing with a tablet of wacom. But the students became
sea-sick of the scrolling. In certain sense you need 2-3 screens, such that
old results are visible, such that there is no need to scroll.
I don't like powerpoint! I have always the idea that people are reading
their powerpoint sheets to us, because of the fact that we can not read or
something like that. And an electronic schoolboard is a little bit to 
small, or
you need two or three of these schoolboards and that becomes too expensive.
But the problem is also that students do not write anything on paper.
Notes are not made any more.
They sit and listen ( that is what you hope they do!) and think 
everything will be
set at the internet, the lecture (video-college) and everything what is 
written will
be downloaded.

With ConTeXt I would prepare pages, where notes can be written down.
So that you can annotate pdf-files or something like that.
So staying before some screen, you call a certain page, which
is may be prepared with a heading or something like that and then
you write your notes and save it. Nowadays I use xournal to write
Lecture-Journals at the internet, that because of the fact that formulas
are easier written by hand than that you have to code them at a
certain way. But I will never call such a formula at the screen and
than tell to the people what they have to read. I want to keep
writing, just as is said by somebody else, just for the fun and
to keep the attention of the students.

And it is easy to run animations, such tables.

That is also the reason that I like it to prepare interactive pdf-files.
It is time, I have to give some lectures,

Kind Regards,


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