[NTG-context] typesetting bilingual texts

Susan Dittmar Susan.Dittmar at gmx.de
Fri Jan 6 12:57:24 CET 2012

Dear Pablo,

Quoting Pablo Rodríguez (oinos at web.de):
> Hegel's work cited above contains about 600 pages. Having to copy and
> paste every translated paragraph after every original paragraph sounds
> crazy (too much work). And as far as I understand computing, this
> shouldn't be a hard task to automatize.

I understand your hesitation to do that work by hand. You are right, it
should be easy to do that automatically. But I think ConTeXt, mighty as it
is, is not the right tool to do that merging. How about a small perl script
that does the merging? In fact, any programming language should do, if the
breakpoints are really as easy to spot as you suggest. And then ConTeXt can
do the typesetting without the need to keep 600+ pages of
read-but-not-yet-processed text in memory before it receives the second
half so it can start typesetting...

Hope that helps,


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