[NTG-context] problem with coupling (mkiv)

Rene van Hassel r.hassel1 at chello.nl
Mon Jan 2 10:21:23 CET 2012

Hello members,

a happy new year to everybody.
And here the problem I have: 

% Problems with the coupling of questions and answers
Why ConTeXt doesn't work? 
It always give:\crlf
sometimes: LuaTeX error  and something with lpegmatch??

This piece of code is compiled with context of 
TeXLive2011, which is almost every week updated.
The piece of compiled into a .pdf file without 
any problem, but I see no interaction.

In other pieces of code, it gives a LuaTex error 
and something with lpegmatch, but I have 
no idea about what is spoken. 

Sometimes I see orange triangles after the 
enumerations but I have no interaction, the 
cursor at the screen does not change of form.
This if I look at the pdf-file with the acrobat reader.

Who of you has any idea howto get interaction 
between the questions and the answers?

The piece of code in one of the manuals of 
ConTeXt doesn't work with the context I use.
It goes about these hidden blocks. 
There is also given an example with question and 

It should be nice if it works,

Kind Regards,

Rene' van Hassel

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