[NTG-context] new beta

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at googlemail.com
Sun Jan 1 10:38:20 CET 2012

Am 01.01.2012 um 03:39 schrieb Li Yanrui (李延瑞):

> 2011/12/31 Hans Hagen <pragma at wxs.nl>:
>> Hi,
>> I uploaded a new beta. As I'm still in cleaning-up mode, the usual problems
>> could show up as quite some code was adapted (moved around). For those
>> interested there is a file 'status-mkiv' that can be run to get an overview
>> of where we stand.
>> One big change has been the way alignments are initialized. There were two
>> methods (one for \setupalign and one for align keywords) and these have been
>> merged into one. A side effect is that an alignment change is twice as fast
>> as before which might make a difference in excessive usage of \framed and
>> some table mechanisms.
> The indentation is broken. Please see this example:
> \setupindenting[first,2em,always]
> \starttext
> \input knuth
> \stoptext
> The result is that the first line of a paragraph is not indented but
> the other lines are indented.

In mult-dim.mkvi there is a unwanted “-” in front of “#value”.



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