[NTG-context] MetaFUN's \setupMPpage broken? [SOLVED]

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 27 16:07:26 CET 2011

Am 27.12.2011 um 14:26 schrieb Verhaag, G.C.H.M.:

> Hi Wolfgang and John,
> Both ways work well, thanks a lot! Does this mean that the setupMPpage command will become obsolete in near future?
> Are both suggestions documented somewhere or is this mailing list the only way to find out?

It’s already obsolete as you noticed by the “undefined control sequence” warning.

The reason for this is that \startMPpage and \startTEXpage are now defined in a different
way than they had been in MkII. In MkII both commands are defined with \def\startMPpage{…}
and \def\startTEXpage{…} but in MkIV both are a instance of fittingpage and the definition
for them is \definefittingpage[MPpage] and \definefittingpage[TEXpage]. As a consequence
the old \setupMPpage command is also gone and you have to set global settings with

Such a changes do happen with many commands in MkIV and the setup-commands
for them are moved to the underlying mechanism (e.g. fittingpage). 


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