[NTG-context] ePub from project?

Henning Hraban Ramm hraban at fiee.net
Thu Dec 22 18:06:05 CET 2011

I thought I could try ePub with a current book project.

export.xml from my product looks good and contains "everything" from  
the components,
but the xhtml file contains only a ToC - and thus, ePub is empty.

Further, it seems like arguments of \settaggedmetadata like name,  
title, author are just ignored in ePub.

ePubReader in Firefox says (translated)
XML processing error: "Junk" after document element
Address: file:.../epub/4/OPS/example.xhtml
Line Nr. 173, Column 1:<section detail="chapter" location='aut:2'>

Adobe Digital Editions shows no error, just an empty book.

With the following small example, I get at least an unstyled body text:
	author={Henning Hraban Ramm}]



\input tufte



Hm, the xhtml file doesn’t look like HTML at all, and even styling the  
existing tags in CSS doesn’t affect the output.
If I change <sectiontitle> to <xhtml:h2>, it’s reckognized.

In short:
- xhtml is just an xml without html tags
- xhtml doesn’t contain content of components

https://www.cacert.org (I'm an assurer)

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