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Robin.Kirkham at csiro.au Robin.Kirkham at csiro.au
Sat Dec 3 11:13:26 CET 2011

On 3 December 2011 Hans Hagen wrote:

> - concerning unicode celsuis and fahrenheit symbols: lm has only one of
> them hence the inconsistent rendering. I now check for both being
> present and fallback in case one of them is missing.

I thought it might be a font thing

> - dB (A) : I've added that feature () sounds ok to me.


> - Are succesive per's always to be collapsed? 10 a/b/c or 10 a/bc?

Well, I was thinking about that last night. Technically, yes: one is only supposed
to have one per or / in a unit, and any subsequent ones have no effect.

But actually I now think that if an author wants that, there may be reasons, so 
let's leave it as it is. Then you can actually write

It is correct that 
\unit{1 metre per second per second} is
\unit{1 metre per second second} and is also
\unit{1 metre per square second}.

> - I'll see what I can do with multiple units.

Thanks. Not an urgent one for me.

I'm thinking about the numeric formatting capability now ... I will write something
and send to the list for comment. 


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