[NTG-context] no color with interaction and reference format

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri Dec 2 18:34:04 CET 2011

On 30-11-2011 13:28, Wolfgang Schuster wrote:

> I quick fix for strc-ref.mkvi but it’s better to change the \dosetXXXattributes command in mult-aux.mkiv. The problem is the test for the \colorattributehash macros which are never empty because the hold the full name of the namespace and not the value of the key.

I changed that attributes handler (I'd also like to change the name but 
that needs some coordination with modules that use it).

I also added some more commandhandler usage (so now we have 4 todo's 
left). In the process related font and color switching has been 
de-mkii'd and sped up a bit.

Another big change is that page-txt is now a mkvi module (quit esome 
rewritten code). As there have been some optimizations the slow down due 
to the new handler mechanism is neglectable (some 0.0003 sec per page) 
and due to some other optimization (footnote checking) the raw pps speed 
is higher now.

Anyhow, a consequence of this is that there will be no beta now as you 
(read: WS) have to do some checking against your module code.


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