[NTG-context] Double height rows using natural tables?

Christian metan0r at gmx.de
Thu Nov 24 23:47:54 CET 2011

> I have tried various combinations and have so far been unsuccessful in
> getting a row of double height using natural tables.  I am following up and
> enclosing a minimal example, along with the a previous incarnation using
> TABLE, which does give me the intended layout.
> Any suggestions on how to do the same using natural tables would be greatly
> appreciated.

use the height parameter for the table row. also, I don't thik you've understood the meaning of 'nr=2'.
I suggest you read the wiki entry on TABLES: http://wiki.contextgarden.net/TABLE

and here's your table back ;P :

		\bTD Circuit \eTD
		\bTD Description \eTD
		\bTD Circuit \eTD
		\bTD Description \eTD

		\bTD  7 \eTD \bTD  Bedroom 4 Arc Fault Plug \eTD
		\bTD  8 \eTD \bTD  \unused \eTD

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