[NTG-context] Simplefonts: Font scaling problem

Christian metan0r at gmx.de
Sat Nov 12 15:33:27 CET 2011

> >>  I want to scale a font loaded via the simplefonts so sans and serif
> >> have the  same x-height.
> >>  But as soon as I use a font size larger than 12pt, the scaling is
> >> somehow off or  ignored.
> >>  Example:
> >>
> >>  \usemodule[simplefonts]
> >>  \setupsimplefonts[expansion=quality, protrusion=quality]
> >> \setmainfont[Times New Roman]  \setsansfont[Arial][scale=0.863]
> >> \starttext  \setupbodyfont[6pt]  06pt serif xx{\ss xx sans}\\ %fine
> >> \setupbodyfont[12pt]  12pt serif xx{\ss xx sans}\\ %fine, too
> >> \setupbodyfont[14pt]  14pt serif xx{\ss xx sans}\\ %here it starts to
> >> be off  \setupbodyfont[16pt]  16pt serif xx{\ss xx sans}\\  \stoptext
> Your example is a bit difficult to test here because it's windows-centric, I
> don't have Arial on my system. But by looking at it, you should have
> something like this in your file before setting the fonts:
> \starttypescript [sans] [default] [size] \definebodyfont [16pt] [ss] [default]
> \stoptypescript \definebodyfontenvironment[16pt]
> and so on for other arbitrary sizes. ConTeXt doesn't define complete
> environments for every imaginable size (but I imagine Wolfgang may come
> up with a clever solution within his module).

You are right! It's all fine, when I add the code you posted and insert the appropriate sizes for those where it didn't work before.
Thanks for your help.

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