[NTG-context] Problems with linespacing

Jan Heinen JaHeinen at gmx.de
Sat Nov 5 18:54:12 CET 2011

 > When “file:allerlt” doesn’t work your fonts have a 
different filename than mine.
 > What output on the command line do you get?
 > keima:TeX wolf$ mtxrun --script font --list --all aller*
 > aller aller /Users/wolf/Library/Fonts/Aller_Rg.ttf
 > allerbold allerbold /Users/wolf/Library/Fonts/Aller_Bd.ttf

Was my fault: I had installed both versions of aller: from 
daltonmaag and from font-squirell.
I think that caused a conflict. I now deleted the 
daltonmaag-version and the typescript is running well.

Linespacing is still not working in every case - I try a 
little bit more, maybe I find my error ... otherwise I start 
another thead.


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