[NTG-context] Some more ToC questions

Alasdair McAndrew amca01 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 05:41:29 CEST 2011

Thanks to the great expertise of folk on this mailgroup, I have my chapter
headings set so that each one comes out as

Chapter n
Name of Chapter

However, I have a few more questions.  First: if I use "completecontent" to
display the contents, how can I have the "Contents" title display without my
"Chapter" line?  That is, is there a way of turning off my chapter command
temporarily?  (I've found that "title" doesn't work here: If I use
"\title{Contents} \placecontent" I still get a "Chapter" line.)

Second: I'm writing out a book of student notes, and each chapter ends with
a set of exercises.  I'd like these exercises to be typeset as unnumbered
sections ("subject"s), and appear so in the ToC.  Like:

4.4  Second last section
4.5  Last section

What is the best way of doing this (MkII)?  I've tried


but that doesn't work on its own, and when paired with
\definecombinedlist[content][exercise,chapter,section] wipes out the
contents completely.

Any advice (or even pointers to a web page) would be most welcome.

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