[NTG-context] For Windows users: ConTeXt + SciTe installation instructions updated

Lutz Haseloff lutz.haseloff at googlemail.com
Thu Oct 20 11:37:07 CEST 2011

2011/10/20 Mari Voipio <mari.voipio at iki.fi>:
> On Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 11:50, Lutz Haseloff
> <lutz.haseloff at googlemail.com> wrote:
>> if i install SciTe and the the ConTeXt files for SciTe on my Win 7 64 bit,
>> i can no longer scroll the text in the editor. Windows quits SciTe
>> because of an unknown
>> error :-(
>> Has someone else the same error?
> Do you have special mouse/scroll software installed? If, which one and
> whose? Did you try reinstalling it after you installed SciTe?

I use SetPoint by LogiTech.

It is not only a mouse Problem, dragging the slider down and
holding down the PageDown key has the same effect.

> I did notice a scrolling problem, but it is not that bad: I'm using a
> marble mouse that doesn't have a scroll wheel at all, so I had to
> install Logitech's software to turn a scroller on and of with the
> fourth mouse button. That works everywhere else, but not in SciTe -
> the scroll bar moves, but nothing happens...
> [Not having scroll wheel drives me nuts, but that was the only
> pointing device we had of this type that fitted for left hand; a new
> 'marble' of different brand, with a scroll wheel, has been ordered!]
> When I first installed the documented combo at ConTeXt User Meeting, I
> was successfully using a Logitech Bluetooth Travel mouse, but I did
> *not* have the Logitech software in the laptop.
> I cannot recall having problems with the right-handed cordless marble
> mouse, either, not even after installing Logitech Setpoint, it
> scrolled fine with the scroll wheel - I was quite happy with
> everything until my elbow forced me to switch to left-handed mousing
> for now.
> NB. These experiences were like two beta versions ago, don't know if
> that makes any difference... I didn't put any external mouse on my
> test bench computer I used to check the wiki instructions, so I can't
> say anything about it. If the computer is still on my desk when I'm
> back at the office on Monday, I can test it a bit, we've got plenty of
> 'normal' mice floating around.

I will try it without SetPoint.

> Hans also uses a scroll mouse with his Windows+SciTe combo, so usually
> these work. My first guess would be some kind of conflict between
> mouse software and SciTe, but I might be wrong.
> BTW, if you remove SciTe with the lexers and stuf and reinstall it,
> but don't put lexers and ConTeXt modifications in the SciTe directory,
> what happens then?

Then it works as expected but without the excellent new syntax highlighting.

> Just my 5 cents,
> Mari
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