[NTG-context] SimpleFonts: no italic and bold

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 17 16:49:52 CEST 2011

Am 17.10.2011 um 15:03 schrieb Andreas Schneider:

> On 17.10.2011 14:46, Wolfgang Schuster wrote:
>>> Ah, that is what I was looking for. Bold works now! Thank you! :-)
>>> There's still one problem though: italic doesn't work.
>> Is there a file for the italic style?
>>> I guess the font doesn't provide that feature by itself, but can it be emulated/enabled?
>> ConTeXt can fake the slanted and bold style but they are not the same as a real italic and bold font.
> AFAICS there is no italic style. Only regular, bold and semi-bold. What is needed to get simplefonts to fake italic (and slanted for that matter)?


\definefontfeature[fakeitalic][default][slant=.25] % for fake bold use “stretch=<number>”

  [regularfont=* nor,
   italicfont=* nor,
   boldfont=* fett,
   bolditalicfont=* fett,
   italicfeatures=fakeitalic, % just the name of a fontfeature


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