[NTG-context] Fwd: Re: Any (other) ConTeXt users in Finland?

Otso Helenius context at pi-xi.net
Wed Oct 5 14:03:13 CEST 2011


Here's another user from Finland. I'm a student in Helsinki University 
also a course teacher in Aalto University. I've switched from LaTeX 
a year ago and using it for mathematics, essays and my upcoming 
thesis. I would also be interested in sharing experiences.

Best regards,
Otso Helenius

FROM: Mari Voipio
SUBJECT: [NTG-context] Any (other) ConTeXt users in Finland?

  Hello All!

Inspired by the recent ConTeXt meeting where I again enjoyed meeting
other users as well as the developers, I'm wondering if there are any
other ConTeXt users in Finland? And if so, would you be interested in
a mini-meeting for an afternoon or evening, possibly at my work in

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