[NTG-context] IPA symbols in MKIV

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Sep 19 13:54:30 CEST 2011

On 19-9-2011 11:56, Otso Helenius wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm having a trouble getting IPA symbols to show up with MKIV. I've read
> through the old threads about using IPA, and it seems there is no module
> like tipa for ConTeXt for easy input.
> I've tried also using SIL Gentium as the main font and entering the IPA
> symbols directly as UTF-8, but only a part of them will render (even
> though they all exist in the actual font in the right plane and are
> viewable in other programs). Almost none of the diacritics render.
> \definetypeface [MyFace][rm][serif][gentium][default][encoding=uc]
> \setupbodyfont[MyFace, 11pt]
> \starttext
> n̥ d̥ ̊ɭ˔ ʎ̥˔
> \stoptext
> only n, d and ̊ will render in the PDF. In other apps using Gentium all
> the glyphs are visible.

When you look at thelog you'll see that gentium is not used at all.

     \definedfont[file:GenAI102*gentium] n̥ d̥ ̊ɭ˔ ʎ̥˔

So, you need to define a proper typescript (the one that you use now is 
a mkii one i.e. type-1 fonts)

> Is there a way to output IPA symbols correctly (when they are entered as
> UTF-8), or would it be possible to introduce a macro/module with an
> environment like \startipa \stopipa and commands for entering the
> symbols inside the environment? Entering some of the symbols correctly
> (such as velarized or pharyngealized diacritics which should appear on
> top of the letter) is hard when done directly with Unicode, so at least
> TeX-like shorthands for all the symbols and diacritics would really be
> appreciated.

It's no problem to define something if we need what; on the other hand, 
we don't want overkill (i.e. too much old fashioned mess)


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