[NTG-context] Tikz and \color

Felix Ingram f.ingram.lists at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 13:10:58 CEST 2011

Hello all,

I'm using Tikz to draw some fancy text boxes, but I've bumped into an
annoying problem. If you run the example below then the body text will
be rendered in red. If you remove the "REMOVE ME" text, then it will
be rendered in black. I would expect the black version to be the
correct version but I need to add text to my node.

Am I using \color correctly? Does anyone know how I might go about
debugging this? Is there a way to determine whether it's Context or
Tikz that's misbehaving?

after={\color[red]{\hrule width 125mm \vskip 2em}},
\section{Some Title}
Flank sint culpa, dolore dolore ham hock chicken t-bone irure
pastrami. Eiusmod corned beef sint enim. Corned beef nulla qui aute,
meatloaf ground round cillum ex. Ut swine pork belly, tongue pig sed
tail frankfurter biltong ut bresaola anim. Jowl consequat tenderloin,
meatloaf fatback eu sint duis mollit chuck biltong. Nostrud cupidatat
nulla meatball, brisket irure dolor. Aliqua chuck ut in, nisi ea
t-bone shankle bresaola.

Thanks in advance,


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