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Sun Apr 3 13:00:39 CEST 2011

e pdf file containing the graphic". But when I exercise the example given I=
 do not see those staticMPfigure's in sepaarte pdf's. What am I missing? I =
thought to use this for generating a series of separate pdf's, to be furthe=
r processed as png/tiff files.

 draw fullcircle scaled 2cm ; (textext("(0,0)"),origin);
 draw fullcircle scaled 2cm ;
 drawarrow (0,0)--(1cm,0);"$r$"),(5mm,0)) ;
Circle centered \usestaticMPfigure[center][width=3D1cm] at origin with radi=
us \usestaticMPfigure[radius][width=3D1cm] $r=3D1\,\text{cm}$.

By the way, is transparency still working as in the wiki example below, or =
has transparency vanished?

fill unitsquare scaled 1cm withcolor yellow;
fill unitsquare shifted (0.5,0.5) scaled 1cm withcolor transparent (1,0.5,r=


Thanks in advance
Hans van der Meer

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