[NTG-context] MKIV strange results in Adobe Reader

Otso Helenius context at pi-xi.net
Thu Sep 8 11:19:56 CEST 2011


I recently made a SimpleSlides presentation with MKIV (2011.08.27 
13:24). It looks ok on numerous PDF readers including Okular, Google 
Docs, Sumatra PDF. Whenever I open it on Adobe Reader, the results are 
rather puzzling:

1) The fifth page background is not black but grey, also some later 
pages have grey background
2) The RGB and CMYK swatch colours are all messed up

The picture on page four has been intentionally corrupted with a hex 
editor and then opened and saved again in Gimp to remove the errors in 
the file.

You can view the source here: https://pi-xi.net/share/colorlecture.tex
and the finished PDF here: https://pi-xi.net/share/colorlecture.pdf

The only modifications I've made to the 
simpleslides-s-BottomSquares.tex is replacing the background color, 
contrast color and variant color with different values ([s=.0], 
[r=.8,g=.2,b=.2], [s=.15]).

I would appreciate if someone could explain if there are bugs in my tex 
sources, in MKIV or in the Adobe Reader – and in any case how can I fix 
the erroneous output on Adobe Reader to match it on Sumatra, Google 
Docs, etc.

Best regards,
Otso Helenius

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