[NTG-context] filter and/or vim module in current beta

Andreas Schneider aksdb at gmx.de
Sun Aug 28 09:49:28 CEST 2011

On 27.08.2011 09:02, Aditya Mahajan wrote:
> Fixed. Download t-vim and t-syntax-highlight from the dev branch at github.
> https://github.com/adityam/filter/tree/dev
> I'll upload a new version later.

Thanks! The vimout file is now created and seems to be correct. There 
are still some problems, though:

Currently, pscolor doesn't seem to work as color scheme which renders a 
default vimtyping environment (like my initial example) unhighlighted. 
Using blackandwhite works.

Here I noticed a second problem. A change to the to-be-highlighted 
buffer as well as some options (like said "alternative") isn't processed 
at all. I have to manually delete the vimout, tmp and md5 files first 
before I actually see the change.

Also it seems, that tabs are killed. If I manually replace them with 
spaces, it works. Empty lines also seem to be removed, however that 
appears to be a feature - not sure.

Best Regards,

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