[NTG-context] rotated columns

Jano Kula jano.kula at tiscali.cz
Sat Aug 27 20:25:02 CEST 2011

Hi Wolfgang,

the example was too minimal :)

This is what I want to achieve:

\input tufte

Rotation is done in \hbox. To get kind of minipage I "frame" it first, 
as you suggest somewhere else on the list. But then balanced columns are 
lost. Without framed text the prevdepth conflict appears. I do 
understand, the columns environment needs to know the available space to 
compute and balance columns, but playing with height parameter in 
\rotate or \startframedtext didn't help either.

This is still very simplified situation of the problem to typeset some 
material in balanced columns (which is the most natural way, not 
necessarily with this kind of columns) and then rotate the typeset 
material and put in into the margins (just the part of the whole typeset 


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