[NTG-context] Complexity of APA style, is this possible? (was: Some APA- and language related bibliography problems)

Stefan Müller warrence.stm at gmx.de
Fri Aug 19 14:12:16 CEST 2011

Hi again,

I was told the where the style files (e.g. bibl-apa-de.tex) are located 
and got directions on how the files should be modified.

I started modifying the bibl-apa.tex according to the 6th edition of the 
APA style manual.  But now I get the impression, that the mechanism with 
those style files isn't able to cope with APA.  That's why I wanted to 
ask if it is even possible to implement the following features by 
modifying the style files, or should I then better rewrite it in Lua (if 
there's need for extensive hackery)? :)  If it can be done with the 
style files, then please point my in the right direction?

-- When citing in text: two authors are separated only by "and", e.g. 
"Walker and Allen", but when there are three or more authors then there 
is a comma before the "and", e.g. "Bradley, Ramirez, and Soo".

-- When there is no author of the source and the editor is listed first, 
then the reference starts with "Editor, E. (Ed.)". But if authors are 
given (for e.g. a book chapter with own title) and the editors are 
listed later, then their names are not inverted and without the comma, 
e.g. "E. Editor (Ed.)".

-- According to the APA manual the complete list of authors is given in 
the publication list if there are seven or less authors. If there are 
eight or more authors, they are not abbreviated by "et al.", but the 
first six authors are given, followed by "..." and the last author.

-- The first citation (e.g. "Bradley, Ramirez, and Soo (2006)") of a 
reference should be different from subsequent citations (e.g. "Bradley 
et al. (2006)") of the same reference.

-- The number of authors abbreviation with "et al." depends on the 
author names: if there is e.g. "Bradley, Ramirez, and Soo (2006)" and 
"Bradley, Soo, and Allen (2006)", then the correct abbreviations after 
the first cite would be "Bradley, Ramirez, et al. (2006)" and "Bradley, 
Soo, et al. (2006)", respectively.

Thanks in advance for any hints or suggestions.
Kind regards,

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