[NTG-context] lpeg splitter

Peter Rolf indiego at gmx.net
Fri Aug 5 16:37:47 CEST 2011


I'm currently trying to adapt my MP specials to the 'new' plugin
handler. My actual problem is the splitting of the 'ssh_colors' string
with lpeg. Sadly my knowledge about lpeg is nearly zero and it would
take me a few days to understand this (my mind is already contaminated
with 'regular expressions').

How do I split the 'ssh_colors' string

 ["ssh_colors"]="1:1:0 0.949:0.729:0 0.894:0.514:0 0.835:0.341:0
0.776:0.216:0 0.706:0.125:0 0.631:0.063:0.588 0.549:0.027:0.953
0.443:0.008:0.953 0.318:0:0.588 0:0:0",

to get the single color strings (r:g:b) in say 'col[i]'?

Regards, Peter

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