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Sun Apr 3 13:00:39 CEST 2011

appealing. I would change some minor details, though (But I'm sure =
you've had your reasons :)
-Structure level 2 and 3 are not visually distinct (only by the numbers) =
see e.g. page 65. Maybe using italics for the 3rd level (like Bringhurst =
does it) would help to distinguish the titles.
-No spacing after paragraphs if you already use indent. (Afaik the =
consensus is "indent or space, not both")
-Indenting after a picture or line of code looks odd to me and can cause =
strange results. (See e.g. page 65. After "rm -rf /*" there is an indent =
in the middle of the sentence.
-There are some issues with the links in the bibliography (e.g. page =
99). Also, bibliographies should be set flushleft imho, due to their =
brief nature they don't really provide enough words to allow automated =
paragraph construction. The result is a somewhat uneven feel due to big =
word spacing.

But who am I to grouch? My thesis currently consists of 5 pages xD so I =
should really not be pointing fingers here^^
Again, congratulations on your thesis.

All the best

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