[NTG-context] How well do ConTeXt (lua)module for other users?

Jaroslav Hajtmar hajtmar at gyza.cz
Tue Jul 19 14:27:54 CEST 2011

Hello ConTeXist.

I have done the module (for context), which is entirely written in Lua 
(ConTeXt definitions are done through Lua too).

I wonder how it can be loaded into ConTeXt file. Have I to use the 
beginning of the file:
   dofile ("my-module.lua")

to loading the module? I would like to use \usemodule [my-module.lua], 
but there is a problem, that code must be inside \startluacode ... 
\stopluacode environment.
But when I put my luacode into \startluacode ... \stopluacode into 
my-module.mkiv file, then I have a problem with catcodes inside strings 
defining by  [[  ... ]].

Or must be module consists of two separate files (my-module.lua and 
my-module.mkiv)? Must I to load the Lua module file (my-module.lua)  
into ConTeXt module file (my-module.mkiv) by command 
\ctxlua{dofile("my-module.lua ");} and then load module file 
(my-module.mkiv) into my user file by command \usemodule[my-module]?

Is there something like \useluamodule[....] or  
\usemodule[anyluaswitch][modulefile] ???

How to proceed in these cases? I find it inappropriate to divide the 
module into two separate files.

Thanx Jaroslav

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