[NTG-context] math-align / subformulas not working

Peter Schorsch tralalas at freenet.de
Mon Jul 18 00:22:02 CEST 2011


I just tried an example from math-ali.mkiv:

	\placeformula \startformula \startalign
	\NC a 	\NC \eq b  	\NR[+]
	\NC c 	\NC \neq d 	\NR
	\NC   	\NC \neq f 	\NR[+]
	\NC   	\NC \geq g 	\NR[+][a]
	\NC   	\NC \leq h 	\NR[+][b]
	\NC   	\NC \eq i 	\NR
	\stopalign \stopformula

But the subformula ...[+][a] and ...[+][b] are not shown as expected...
they are shown as normal formula numbers - but they should be
subformula numbers.

Is there a new way to create subformulas?


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