[NTG-context] bib module (again)

Steffen Wolfrum context at st.estfiles.de
Wed Jul 6 11:00:35 CEST 2011


I have a basic problem with the very first step of using bibliographies in ConTeXt: converting BBI to BBL files.

And, as far as I have understood, the only thing that ".bst" files do is sorting. This means that a plain run of bibtex like this ...


... should convert the entire database (eg. from a ".bib" file) in TeX-parsable records, written in a ".bbl" file.

If I want to shorten many authors to just one followed by "et al." there is the otion "authoretallimit" that specifies the number needed to trigger 'et al.' handling.
This can be set *later* in setuppublicationlist.

But when I run the minimal exmaple above against this database "mytry_x.bib":

author = {Peter Schlechtriem and Horst Konzen},

author = {Peter Schlechtriem and Horst Konzen and Karsten Schmidt},

... the resulting bbl lookes like this:




So the three authors *are* already shortened to "a={{Schlechtriem},{}}" only!

Is this a bug or a hidden preset that I just didn't found yet?

Any help would be appreciated


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