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Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at googlemail.com
Fri Jul 1 10:44:35 CEST 2011

Am 01.07.2011 um 10:15 schrieb Thomas Schmitz:

>>> 2. I want footnotes placed at the bottom of the page so that the vertical place is filled (so with a flexible vertical space between text and notes), but on the last page of every chapter, the publisher prefers the footnotes right below the text, not at the bottom of the page. Is this feasible?
>> Endnotes at the end of each chapter are easy when you use start/stopchapter because you can flush them with the “aftersection” key.
> No, that's not what I was asking. I want footnotes on every page, just the ones on the last page should be moved up to the end of the text, not down to the bottom of the page. I tried \setupfootnotes[location=high], but when I enable it for the entire document, it wreaks havoc (footnotes running off the page instead of breaking, very inconsistent spacing). So also tried to enable location=high manually just for the last paragraph of every chapter (and putting this paragraph into a group), but that doesn't seem to change anything.

You have to set “location=page” at the begin of each new chapter.

  [beforesection={\page % Necessary!



\dorecurse{6}{\input zapf \footnote{Footnote #1}\par}



\dorecurse{12}{\input ward \footnote{Footnote #1}\par}




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