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That was very useful !!
Again, thank you very much Wolfgang !


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Am 24.05.2011 um 00:59 schrieb Mathieu DUPONT:Hi,
Is there a simple way to obtain the following result in the table of content :
ContentsCHAPTER 1Title of chapter                        21.1    Title of section                2
(the chapter title underneath its number and left aligned, just like everything else)
The following code used to do the job with MkII but it doesn't anymore with MkIV :
\setuplabeltext[chapter=CHAPTER~]\setuplist[chapter][label=yes, style={\blank[0cm]}]	\starttext
\startbodymatter\chapter{Title of chapter}\section{Title of section}\stopbodymatter
Instead, I get something like this (I hope it turns out readable through the email) :
Contents    CHAPTER 1  Title of chapter                        21.1    Title of section                2
where the 2 lines of the chapter, together with their alignment with the frame, get tossed to the right...
I do get with MkIV the first example like you expect but “style={\blank[0cm]}”is the wrong way. Such a layout can be easily done with your own list-commandfor chapter but the labeltext is tricky:
% \define[3]\ChapterList % no label!%   {#1\crlf#2\wordright{#3}}
% \define[3]\ChapterList % fixed label, wrong for appendices!%   {\labeltext{chapter}#1\crlf#2\wordright{#3}}
\define[3]\ChapterList  {\currentlistsymbol\crlf#2\wordright{#3}}
\startbodymatter\chapter{Title of chapter}\section{Title of section}\stopbodymatter

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