[NTG-context] Indent paragraph after \placefigure

Steffen Wolfrum context at st.estfiles.de
Sat May 14 18:41:31 CEST 2011

Am 28.03.2011 um 00:53 schrieb Hans Hagen:

> On 27-3-2011 11:14, Pontus Lurcock wrote:
>> On Sun 27 Mar 2011, Marco wrote:
>>>> It works when you drop the “auto” keyword.
>>> Thanks. I don't really get the reason behind, but it works.
>> When I drop the ‘auto’ keyword it defaults to ‘here’, which does give
>> the indentation (presumably because the figure now appears in the
>> output at the same place as the \placefigure in the input) but it
>> doesn't solve the problem for cases where the figure needs to be
>> somewhere other than ‘here’.
> i can make that work but not now (mkiv-ing floats in later on the agenda)

I can confirm the missing indent after \placetable[page]
After \placetable[page] there is also the page-header empty (no \getmarking[sectionnumber] nor \getmarking[section])


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