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Sun Apr 3 13:00:39 CEST 2011

patch (still nobody knows when it will be released).

In the meantime the user KJK555 from a forum suggested to replace
ATS.framework and submited an unofficial patch:

I didn't test extensively (you need to apply it at your own risk), but
some of my documents that were causing me problems now print fine***.


PS: ***Before I discovered the patch I had to reinstall all of my
printers an hour ago, (and one of them is still causing me problems
and just prints out "error courred = -50", but that might be driver's
fault). While I was trying to print a slightly bigger image Mac has
consumed approximately 6 GB of disk space while I was away and of
course it didn't print anything (it didn't finish). But it did more
fun than that. It *removed* all the printers from my settings and God
knows what other harm did it do to OS and file system in addition to
it. It may not be very healthy to run out of disk space, but removing
all the printers from the list is not the nicest and most efficient
resolution that OS is supposed to do either.

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