[NTG-context] bug with \cite in latest beta (2011.04.13)

Pontus Lurcock pont at talvi.net
Sat Apr 16 08:39:56 CEST 2011

On Sat 16 Apr 2011, Bernhard Rosensteiner wrote:

> when i use \cite[...][reference...] instead of \cite{reference} the
> error is also not triggered. Anyway strange.

I believe that \cite{reference} is incorrect in ConTeXt. The general
rule is {} for anything that will actually be typeset as text, and 
[] for parameters that have a semantic meaning for ConTeXt. Hence
things like \section[sec:some-reference]{The visible section title}.

(The above is my understanding but I'm sure someone will correct me if
it's wrong.)


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