[NTG-context] Small capitals broken in latest beta?

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at googlemail.com
Sun Apr 3 18:43:47 CEST 2011

Am 03.04.2011 um 15:35 schrieb C.:

> Wolfgang, your solution works for the small caps, even without defining the font feature. I guess it's because \sc is a standard (la)tex style switch like \it.

No, context doesn’t provide latex style switches but you can define them with

\definealternativestyle [bfseries] [\bf]
\definealternativestyle [itseries] [\it]

> Defining (or at least using) the other font feature (c2sc) does not work, and since (to my knowledge) there is no style like \sc for that in tex,
> we have to define it using the font feature.

In MKII \sc switch to a different font but MKIV can just enable the “smcp” feature.

Adding “smcp=yes” doesn’t work as option for \setmainfont because you can
use \definfontfeature and overload the “default” set, the only valid options
from \definefontfeature are “script”, “expansion” and “protrusion”.


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