[NTG-context] Wiki discussion: Fwd: Re: Ctx wiki

Procházka Lukáš Ing. - Pontex s. r. o. LPr at pontex.cz
Fri Apr 1 10:51:41 CEST 2011


> - its name is still "\doif"
> - and not like "Reference/en/doif..."

I have moved the page to Reference/en/doif...

> (BTW: It seems to me better if all commands appeared without (the common) "Reference/en/", but OK, now I'd like to achieve the normal look of reference items; so how to get "Reference/en/doif...".)

I know it's ugly, but I won't change anything.

> Once the "\doif..." page was created (somewhere?), how to "move" it to "Reference/en/doif..."?

I am not sure if normal users (not sysops) can move pages.

> - When I'm prompted for creation of a new page (for a missing item), I have no option where; I just can create one.
> So if I've created a (bad) "\doif..." page, how to "transform" it to a "Reference/en/doif..." page? - I.e. 1) to change location and 2) to remove the leading "\" from the page name?

see above. One can move pages, but I am not so sure who can do that.

> - You may still view and/or edit the "\doif..." page source, especially:
> {{Reference|name=doif...|attributes=}}
> ...
> [[Category:Reference/en|doif]]
> (BTW: What is affected by "Reference|name=doif..."

That's a template. See


> and what by "Category:Reference/en|doif"?

Thats a category. Category pages with links are automatically created if you say Category:<something>.

> - Seem similar, but I'm using "doif..." (with 3 dots) in the former case and "doif" in the latter one.
> Last thing:
> The title "\doif..." appears TWICE on the page http://wiki.contextgarden.net/%5Cdoif... - how to make it show just once?

The first is the title of the page (Reference/en/doif...) and the second is the exact name of the command. No real perfect solution, but it's just the way it is.

I'd appreciate if we can move this discussion to the public mailing list.



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