[NTG-context] wikimedia2context: any existing solutions?

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 16:47:07 CEST 2011


Before I start reinvinting the wheel ... I have a feeling that some
people were already doing some basic wikimedia2context syntax

I would like to create PDF out of some wiki pages with very limited
number of used commands. I have created a simple ruby script that
fetches all the contents that I want in the final PDF, all that is
left to be done is conversion from wiki to tex syntax:
- replace =...= with \section{...}, ==...== with \subsection{...},
===...=== with \subsubsection{...}, ...
- replace ''...'' with {\bf ...}, '''...''' with {\it ...},
'''''...''''' with {\bi ...}
- all lines starting with a space should be printed verbatim
- lines starting with * should be bulleted itemize
- lines starting with # should be numbered itemize
- some trivial replacements like >
- some links: [[abc def]] should become symlinks to begining of
sections with that title
- [[Image:chap1-f2.jpg|frame|Figure 1.2: Cylindrical scanner]] should
become \placefigure{Cylindrical
- a few tables

Maybe there is more, but I think that this covers the majority of contents.

The solution doesn't have to be too robust and I don't care what
language it is written in (I just need a printed manual and I have no
problem manually tweaking the pitfals after the conversion if needed).
I can start writing regular expressions, but in case that somebody has
an almost-ready-to-use solution, that would be much better than doing
everything from scratch. (A Lua function that would simply read in a
plain wiki file would be nice, but I have never tried to gain deep
understanding of "parsing" in lua.)

Thanks a lot,

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