[NTG-context] problem with printing pdf files (MKIV on Mac)

Florian Wobbe Florian.Wobbe at awi.de
Fri Mar 25 18:43:23 CET 2011

>> Do you have multiple versions of the TeXGyre Pagella installed? Maybe one of them is corrupt.
> I don't have it installed. It is in my TeX tree. But if mine is
> corrupt, everyone's font is corrupt (or my disk is corrupt).

I have multiple versions from context alone:

I guess, if you add those from TexLive you have several possibilities of what could end up in your pdf depending on whether you use MKII or MKIV.

>> You might want to try outline the fonts and strip them from the document:
>> gs -sDEVICE=pswrite -dNOCACHE -sOutputFile=nofont-Myfile.ps -q -dbatch -dNOPAUSE Myfile.pdf -c quit
>> Optionally convert back to pdf with ps2pdf and try print that file. If ghostscript complains right away the problem is not your printer.
> Ghostscript doesn't complain and the resulting file prints out fine.
> (The original one still doesn't.)

Next thing I would try is update CUPS. I installed Gutenprint (http://gimp-print.sourceforge.net/MacOSX.php) after experiencing some other issues with the standard CUPS from Apple.

>>> (Can I send a document to
>>> PostScript printer on specific IP from a Mac without having to use
>>> Apple's libraries for handling PDF?)
>> Why not? PostScript printers should handle nofont-Myfile.ps (see above).
> My question is more like "how can I do that". I remember using
> something like "copy \path\to\printer" on windows long time ago, but
> I'm not sure how to do the same on Mac.

For a PS printer:
cat nofont-Myfile.ps | netcat ip-address port
Or with perl sockets if you don't want to use lpr.

> Btw: printer specifications says "direct PDF (v 1.4) printing", so I
> guess that I should be able to send the PDF straight to printer ... if
> I only knew how to do that.

Then you should make sure you get PDF/X-3:2003 output from context. Default seems to be v1.6 for MKIV. I don't know for MKII.


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