[NTG-context] ... and emoticons

Pontus Lurcock pont at talvi.net
Mon Mar 21 20:57:24 CET 2011

On Mon 21 Mar 2011, Philipp A. wrote:

> oh, i guess you’d like to file a bug request for this. it’s quite
> useful and has no drawbacks at all.

Well, the drawback is that it takes up a key combination :-). For
example, in the US-international dead-key layout, AltGr+. applies an
overdot diacritic to the next character, so remapping it to an
ellipsis would remove that capability. You don't mention which
keyboard layout you are using.

> i think one of the greatest reasons why linux isn’t adapted as
> desktop os is that you can’t just say sth. like i did and assume it
> it right for everyone.

Both Linux and Windows offer a choice of hundreds of keyboard layouts,
since different languages have different character sets (a US keymap
would not gain much success in Greece).

> i hope one day i’ll get to print my own keyboard with math symbols
> all over.

I did once turn a UK keyboard into a Swedish keyboard using white
enamel paint, black marker pen, clear varnish, and a steady hand.
The main problem was that the varnish started degrading after a 
couple of years' daily use.

As an Emacs user, I've found that the easiest way to get rarely used
Unicode symbols is to hit ctrl-x, 8, enter and type the name of the
symbol (I believe the numbers also work but I have trouble remembering

Also note that it's possible to switch between different keyboard
layouts using a hotkey combination, which is handy e.g. for quickly
entering Greek characters in a scientific document.


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