[NTG-context] More bibl-apa.tex modifications

Pontus Lurcock pont at talvi.net
Mon Mar 21 01:16:59 CET 2011


I have found another minor problem in the bibl-apa style (ConTeXt v.
2011.02.25 22:03), this time for Master's theses, which get an extra
space between the phrase ‘Master's Thesis,’ and the university's name
and address, thus:

Smith, A. B. (2000). A Thesis Title. Master's thesis,  City, Country:
University of Something.

I think this would be better as:

Smith, A. B. (2000). A Thesis Title. Master's thesis. City, Country:
University of Something.

(This also changes the comma to a dot.) I have implemented this with
the following modifications to bibl-apa.tex (original lines commented
out, mine inserted afterwards):


   \insertauthors{}{ }{}%
   \insertpubyear{(}{). }{}%
   \inserttitle{\bgroup }{\egroup \insertseries{ (}{)}{}. }{}%
   \insertbibtype{}{.}{Master's thesis.}%
%   \insertbibtype{}{, }{Master's thesis, }%
   \insertpublisher{ }{.}{.}%
%   \insertpages{ }{p. }{}%
   \insertpages{ }{ p. }{}%
   \insertnote{ }{.}{}%

   \insertauthors{}{ }{}%
   \insertpubyear{(}{). }{}%
   \inserttitle{\bgroup\it }{\egroup \insertseries{ (}{)}{}. }{}%
%   \insertbibtype{}{, }{PhD thesis,}%
   \insertbibtype{}{.}{PhD thesis.}%
   \insertpublisher{ }{.}{.}%
   \insertpages{ }{ p. }{}%
   \insertnote{ }{.}{}%


This also incorporates three other changes: changing the comma after 
‘PhD thesis’ to a dot; removing the space after the punctuation in
the PhD bibtype ‘after’ group (only used if type is specified);
and adding a space to the start of the pages ‘after’ group.

I hope that these can be incorporated, if they meet with agreement.

Aside: this still doesn't correspond to current official APA style
(though it's a bit closer), but I'm not sure how many people care
about that. In my case I only care that my bibliography doesn't show
obvious weirdness like double spaces.

Here's a minimal example to show the behaviour (the spacing=packed
makes it clearer where the extra space appears):


\title{The Abbotsford Formation}
\pubname{University of Otago}
\city{Dunedin, New Zealand}

a={{von Dobeneck}},y=1985,
\title{{Gesteinsmagnetische Untersuchungen an tiefseesedimenten des
\pubname{Inst. Allg. und Angew. Geophys., Ludwig Maximilian University}




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