[NTG-context] Minimals ignores structureblockenvironment for frontmatter etc.

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Thank you, Wolfgang. Your table is most helpful. This can probably be found
in the documentation but not where I looked. This probably relates to the
recent discussion regarding manuals for novices.

My observation is that \completecontent and \completeindex are treated like
chapter starts in that 'Contents' and 'Index' are formatted as if they were
chapter titles.

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Am 20.03.2011 um 14:37 schrieb Tom:

> Minimals MKIV ignores the structureenvironment blocks when the suffix is
> 'matter' but applies them if the suffix is 'part.' Furthermore, they are
> applied in \starttext if between \startfrontmatter -- \stopfrontmatter,
> blocks and error if between \startfrontpart -- \stopfrontpart, etc.
> The following code executes but does not apply the environment block
> commands. Commenting out the three \startstructureblockenvironment
> with 'matter" arguments and uncommenting the three 'part' commands will
> cause the environment block commands to be executed.

Sectionblocks have two names, one which you use for the settings and another
one when you enable it in your text, e.g. frontmatter has the internal name
"frontpart" but in the document you use it with "frontmatter".

| Name      | Command (\startXXX ... \stopXXX) |
| frontpart | frontmatter                      |
| bodypart  | bodymatter                       |
| appendix  | appendices                       |
| backpart  | backmatter                       |


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