[NTG-context] cals tables - UNSOLVED

R. Ermers r.ermers at hccnet.nl
Sat Mar 19 09:10:04 CET 2011

Dear All,

After having succeeded with Aditya's kind help to typeset a table file in a separate pdf, I have been trying to typeset the cals tables in my docbook xml file in two ways:

A. directly in the document. 

The table is in //section/cals:table.

The cals module is loaded at the beginning of the document. But in the pdf there is no trace of any table. Do I need to add 
 definition somewhere? Perhaps in this list where the xml items are introduced?

\xmlsetsetup{#1}{article|footnote|foreignphrase|section [snippet] para|quote|itemizedlist|listitem}{xml:*}

This would be contrary to working with the directives and the cals module.

B. as a separate document in a mediaobject
Usually docbook files can contain tables, but there is nothing against imported a separate files. I chose to use the graphics wrapper:

      <mediaobject role="tabel">
          <imagedata fileref="./test2.xml"/>  (I also tried fileref="test2.xml") 

I know that the object is found, because I use a marker (TABEL 3), which is printed in the pdf.

\startxmlsetups xml:mediaobject:imageobject:imagedata:tabel

The xml file, and I believe here the table file is meant, is not imported though. The log file says that the xml file is invalid, but that is not true.  It is Hans' simple test table (alpha, betha, gamma), it is validated by xml software, and moreover, it can be typeset without any problems in a separate pdf.

\pages           > flushing realpage 24, userpage 24
lxml            : 9 directives found in 'directives.xml', 9 valid
load            > invalid xml file - parsed text

The log file also says that the text is parsed. But there is no text from the table in the pdf.

%I tried loading the directives in various places, e.g. directly after the module in the top of the document and after the command \startxmlsetups xml:dbsetups.

Well, has anyone any advice? Or should I give up on this?



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