[NTG-context] Some problems I experienced when using ConTeXt

Aditya Mahajan adityam at umich.edu
Sat Mar 19 04:21:50 CET 2011

On Sat, 19 Mar 2011, Cecil Westerhof wrote:

> In my explorary journey into ConTeXt I bumped into a few problems. Attached
> my tex file and the generated PDF.
> I found a few problems while using ConTeXt. I did my best to
> reproduce them (the table problem was difficult to reproduce) and
> make a small sample document.
> There is a problem with the formatting of paragraps. This
> manifests itself when I set lefthyphenmin and righthyphenmin.
> Then sometimes sentences are to long. Would it not be better to
> have a lot of whitespace between the words, but keep the
> formating?
> In the document the third line of the first paragraph is to long
> and the fifth and sixth line from the second paragraph are to
> long.


> When I use a sentence like:
>    In de boxen van de stam vul je voor iedere dag (maandag t/m zondag)
>    een activiteit in die je op die dag afrond.
> I would prefer t/m kept together. It is, but the way it is
> displayed, it looks like there is (a) space between the '/' and
> the 'm'. Is there something that can be done about this, or have
> I to live with it?

I don't know.

> I found also an obscure problem with table. I had to dabble a bit
> to reproduce it. (For a moment I thought I had imagined it.)
> The table does not fit on the space that is left on the page, so
> it is moved to the next page. So far so good. But the text after
> the table is put on the current page and is now before the table.
> It is not that they can not be put on a page together, because
> when you uncomment the break, the table and text reside on the
> same page.

You are using \placetable which is a float. So, the table goes to the next 
page, but the material after that continues on the current page.

> Lastly a question about a long click-able email address. I would
> like it not to be broken up. But sometimes this can happen. See
> the end of the document.(Can of-course also happen with a short
> address, but will happen less often.) What is the best way to
> circumvent this? At the moment I just put it centered on its own
> line. At the moment I do not have a problem with this. But I do
> not know if this will be always the case.

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