[NTG-context] Macro for acronyms

Cecil Westerhof cldwesterhof at gmail.com
Sat Mar 19 03:29:28 CET 2011

At the moment I have I my document:
{\switchtobodyfont[1.25em]\bf M}ust

{\switchtobodyfont[1.25em]\bf S}hould

{\switchtobodyfont[1.25em]\bf C}ould

{\switchtobodyfont[1.25em]\bf N}ot now

But I like to have a macro for this, so I could just do:
\Acronym{Must Should Could Not~now}

Is more readable and when I want a change (for example another color for the
first letter), this is much easier to implement. How should I implement such
a macro?

Cecil Westerhof
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