[NTG-context] [OT] VirtualWin

Alan BRASLAU alan.braslau at cea.fr
Fri Mar 18 16:21:21 CET 2011

On Friday 18 March 2011 15:50:10 luigi scarso wrote:
> VirtuaWin is a virtual desktop manager for the Windows operating
> system (Win9x/ME/NT/Win2K/XP/Win2003/Vista/Win7). A virtual desktop
> manager lets you organize applications over several virtual desktops
> (also called 'workspaces'). Virtual desktops are very common in
> Unix/Linux, and once you get accustomed to using them, they become an
> essential part of a productive workflow.
> http://virtuawin.sourceforge.net/

Thank you, Luigi.


PS: pretty soon our Windows® friends will get a real window manager,
and why not a real kernel while we are at it...

But then, I ask, life would be so boring without viruses,
worms, and rebooting!

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