[NTG-context] What are the best fonts to use

Charles Doherty charlie.doherty at ucd.ie
Wed Mar 16 13:50:41 CET 2011

Dear all,

In light of the question on fonts I have wondered how ConTeXt deals with this

Monotype Baskerville 11/12.5 pt


Monotype 11 on 12 point Bembo

that I see at the beginning of books.

Are there commands to achieve this. There probably are but I haven't recognised them.


On 16 Mar 2011, at 11:45, Curiouslearn wrote:

> Cecil, thanks for asking this question. Even though the answers
> may/will be subjective, it is quite likely that there are people here
> who have given some thought to font choice. I agree with previous
> responses that reading a book on typography would certainly be
> helpful. Nevertheless, I am interested in hearing what fonts people
> like (if they do not mind sharing). I, and perhaps some others, may
> learn about a few fonts.
> Bharat

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