[NTG-context] Creation of PDF Oddly Differs on Ubuntu and Mac OS X

Raymond LeClair raymond.leclair at synterein.com
Wed Mar 16 13:49:24 CET 2011


I am using ConTeXt to create a PDF for upload to Lulu.com.

I am getting the following exception using the LuLu Python publication API on Mac OS X 10.6.6 with Python 2.6.6 or 2.7.1:
ServiceError: Couldn't create Lulu project. '{"error_type": "LFilesystemException", "error_value": "shell command failed: rm -rf \'/opt/stable/stable/htdocs/items/volume_69/10290000/10290657\' 2>&1\\nrm: cannot remove directory `/opt/stable/stable/htdocs/items/volume_69/10290000/10290657/1/cover\': Directory not empty", "HTTPErrorCode": 500}'

Oddly, the exact same code works fine on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS with Python 2.6.5.

I have track down the issue to the difference between the _cover_ PDF created on Ubuntu with ConTeXt  ver: 2009.11.26 16:28 MKIV and on Mac OS X with ConTeXt  ver: 2010.05.24 13:05 MKIV, although the cover PDF generated on either platform appears correctly in Preview.

I have posted an archive that illustrates the issue at http://www.synterein.com/lulu_context_issues/lulu_context_issue_01.zip

Any wisdom out there? What should I look for next?


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