[NTG-context] What are the best fonts to use

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Wed Mar 16 12:45:39 CET 2011

Cecil, thanks for asking this question. Even though the answers
may/will be subjective, it is quite likely that there are people here
who have given some thought to font choice. I agree with previous
responses that reading a book on typography would certainly be
helpful. Nevertheless, I am interested in hearing what fonts people
like (if they do not mind sharing). I, and perhaps some others, may
learn about a few fonts.


On Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 8:31 PM, David Rogers
<davidandrewrogers at gmail.com> wrote:
> * Cecil Westerhof <cldwesterhof at gmail.com> [2011-03-14 12:44]:
>> At the moment I use for my ebook:
>> \usetypescript[palatino][texnansi]
>> \setupbodyfont[palatino,rm,12pt]
>> Does not look to bad, but layout is not my forte. So if people have tips
>> about the fonts to use, I like to hear them.
>> Do you use other fonts when using a printed book?
> I don't think this question can have one answer. There are many good
> answers, depending on the kind of book (or other printed material).
> 1. I think the layout of the page itself can have a great deal to do
> with whether a certain font looks good (e.g. amount of white space,
> length of lines, etc). Paying proper attention to the "gross" aspects of
> your layout, such as margins and line heights, goes a long way to
> improving the appearance of the whole work, and brings out the best in
> whichever font you choose.
> 2. To some extent, different fonts can suit different material (e.g. a
> book of poems vs a financial report, or a textbook vs a novel). For
> extended reading, the conventional wisdom is to choose a
> "normal-looking" font that doesn't call attention to itself too much,
> but obviously you also want one that is at least somewhat attractive to
> look at.
> 3. Frankly, giving people what they are already used to is often the
> best plan - probably more often than typographers would care to admit.
> In my opinion, variation for its own sake is over-rated and over-used.
> --
> David
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