[NTG-context] Ideas for restructuring the ConTeXt garden?

Carlos Breton Besnier breton.carlos at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 16:16:05 CET 2011

2011/3/12 Florian Wobbe <Florian.Wobbe at awi.de>

> Maybe we should start a discussion in a new thread to find out:
> 5) how to better promote context to new/latex users?
I think is needed a installation guide for non-technical. A guide not only
for programmers but a simple guide for dummies. Like me, I am no-developer,
I write law books. Latex installation and update is very simple for
beginners. On Windows with MiKTeX, everyone can write very soon his first
document. Not so with ConTeXt, except old stand-alone installation. It's
cause of frustration and after several attempts they give up. Then they
return to LaTeX (like me too).
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