[NTG-context] BASH script for installing minimals

Cecil Westerhof cldwesterhof at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 20:56:07 CET 2011

Installing minimals is sometimes a problem. Because of this I wrote a BASH
script to automate it. Attached is the script I wrote to easily install the

It installs in ${HOME}/ConTeXt but because I work with DRY it is easily

It generate almost no output:
    20:47:01: fetch script
    20:47:02: first setup
    20:53:23: generate MKII
    20:54:07: generate XeTeX
    20:54:49: generate MKIV
    20:55:18: Installing/updating ConTeXt took 497 seconds
    20:55:18: before using ConTeXt you have to run: '.

But the output can be found in ${HOME}/ConTeXt/install.log if needed.

Cecil Westerhof
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