[NTG-context] hanging on missing picture

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sun Mar 13 12:52:59 CET 2011

On 12-3-2011 2:39, Taco Hoekwater wrote:
> On 12 mrt. 2011, at 14:23, Hans van der Meer<H.vanderMeer at uva.nl>  wrote:
>> Requesting a non-existing picture does not produce a warning message, but makes ConTeXt hang. An abort is the only thing that helps. It would however be nice if a "missing file" warning is given. A minimal example that shows me the hang:
> That is not supposed to happen, I think. Normally, you would get a gray box in thr pdf to indicate that the figure was not found.

there should be a \normalexpanded in here:

       \c!frame=\@@efframe]}% we need to expand this in order to prevent 
a loop
      {\tt\tfxx \nohyphens
         name:  \expanded{\verbatimstring{#1}}\\%
         file:  \expanded{\verbatimstring{#2}}\\%
         state: \expanded{\verbatimstring{#3}}}}

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