[NTG-context] Am not getting Roman numeral page numbers in MKIV

Tom Tom at tuxedo-press.com
Sat Mar 12 14:46:45 CET 2011

Thank you for taking the time to look into this for me, Dalyoung. I changed
bodymatter to bodypart in two places and got the same results as you did.
Page numbering is reset to 1 for the Introduction. However, I still don't
get Roman numerals in the front part and, as you also experienced, the TOC
is not listed in the TOC.

I am using Texlive 2010, which I downloaded on February 11, just two months
ago yesterday. One would expect such basic functions to be rock solid in
MKIV by now.

What version are you using? 

I have avoided downloading Minimals for the reasons mentioned in the thread
currently running on documentation plus that I don't want to be constantly
downloading new versions because of serious bugs and having simple things
that formerly worked to no longer work due to one of these bugs. I am not
using advanced features by any means. This is very frustrating.

BTW, where did you read to use front part instead of frontmatter? 

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Dear Tom,

Since I am an enduser of ConTeXt, I couldn't expalin what happens here.
 I just run your code in the mail and got the following results.

> 1. Front matter page numbers are not lower-case Roman numerals although
> are listed as such in the TOC.

The Roman numerals in both front part and in TOC.
> 2. The Introduction is not listed in the TOC.

Same as your output. No 

> 3. Page numbering isn't reset to 1 in the bodymatter section.
Same as you, but if I change \startstructureblockenvironment[bodymatter] to
\startstructureblockenvironment[bodypart], then Introduction starts from
page 1.
So I guess that there are something between [bodymatter] and [bodypart].

best regards,


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